My favorite holiday movie. Bing said it best, “Count your blessings”. Rather than making a list, let’s try this exercise. Please share if you’re comfortable doing so. Repeat after me. “I am so blessed that I can ______. Because of this, I am able to _________ for others. And that multiplies my blessings.”

The Love Stone: Available Now on Kindle

This is a repost from my author site. My first attempt at ‘holistic fiction’. I hope it inspires you. It’s book release day here at Imagine Me a Story! This novelette gives you a view into a series of characters with one very important thing in common…The Love Stone: Available Now on Kindle

I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”

I've been talking a lot this month about my 108 sun salutations yoga challenge. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super proud that I accomplished my 108, and I felt so strong after. One question I still get sometimes about yoga is, "Is yoga a religion?" The most universal answer would be, yoga is spiritual but … Continue reading I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”