Bandana Bottle Wraps

Although I’ve only lived in PA for a couple of years, I was lucky to find a home in a great area.  Our neighborhood is pretty tight knit and are always watching out for one another.  It’s a really nice change from places I’ve lived where you wouldn’t even know a neighbor’s name if it weren’t painted on their mail box.  But, as life changes, so do neighbors.  Our next door neighbors are moving to a bigger home after living there for over a decade.  We will miss them and thought it would be a sin to send them off without a little addition to their liquor cabinet for their new home.  Of course, when it comes to wrapping bottles, it can really be a struggle…until now!  Check out my fun and easy bandana wrap for your bottled gifts.

botls and ban

First, chose your bandana.  I bought these at the dollar store.

btl cntr

Spread out the bandana and set the bottle in the middle.  You may also want to cut off the tags, they can get in the way sometimes.

tie to top

Tie the bandana at the top of the bottle.  This is basically a place holder for you and will be untied later.

wrap b4 hug

Twist the corners that are still on the table to cross each other and hug the bottle.

tie hug

You will have both ends wrap around like this.  Tie them together twice and you will have a cute little knot.

finished tie

Now, undo the top tie and double knot it to the side of the neck.

all done btl

Both of my bottles looked like this when finished.

two btl copy

I thought about binding the two together with more bandanas but then again, that could be bandana overload.  No one wants bandana overload.

I can’t wait to give these to our neighbors as they head on to the next chapter in their lives.

I hope this helps making bottle wrapping a little easier for you.  Happy creating!


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