Reimagined Copper Top Side Table

I was recently a recipient of some ‘treasures’. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, our long time neighbors moved away and were going to throw these little end tables in the trash. Immediately my little creative wheels start turning on how I can morph them into some fun side tables for our deck.

table before

I decided I would start by just working on one and see how it turned out.  I was super excited to use my new power tool!  I recently bought the Dremel MM30.  This thing sands, cuts, and even cuts grout.  I’ll just be using it for sanding this time around.


First, I sanded the top of the table.  It didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would with the tool but, you do have to be sure to put a little muscle into it as it’s sanding.

sand table

Then, I attached plastic bags with tape around the edges.  My goal was to only paint the top and not have over spray onto the legs.

tape table

When I have bought spray paint in the past, I have purchased the primer/paint combo in a can.  This time, I forgot to check for that but it didn’t seem to matter too much.  I wanted to go for a copper top table look and found this Rust-Oleum Hammered Copper paint.

paint table

When done correctly, you will get a hammered look on the flat surface similar to this.

hammered copy

I was really liking how it turned out but I must have been doing something wrong because I only seemed to get the hammered look in a couple places on the edges.  I painted my table outside to counter the fumes but would let it stay out between coats.  This was a mistake.  A little fuzzy bit of hair or threads blew onto my wet paint.

table knick

I brought it in and let it fully dry for a couple days.  Then, I went in with some fine sand paper and buffed the fuzz out.  I tried to gently add coats to blend in our blemish spot and it turned out okay.  Now, for the details.  I wanted to put an Irish Trinity knot in the center of my table but didn’t really trust my hand to be steady enough to hand paint it.  I was lucky enough to find a large stencil online and it came in just a day!  I placed the stencil down and taped the edges adding paper to extend over the stencil to the end of the table.

knot stencil

I evenly did multiple coats of black matte spray paint.

black stenc

I learned a tough lesson here, too.  I should have taped the smaller parts of the stencil down as well, because we got some hazy lines and over spray in spots.

mess up knot

I did some touch up by spraying the copper spray paint into some cardboard and hand painting the edges.  I also taped over the knot and tried to do light coats of copper around the edges of table.  These little mistakes made it a little less neat but in the end it turned out pretty nice.  As a last touch, I sanded some distress marks on the corners of the legs and table edges to make it feel a bit more rustic.  Finally, I took spray clear coat over the whole thing to protect it.  Now I just have to do the second one to match.  What a great little addition to our deck!

final table copy


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