Healthy Thanksgiving Eats: Mushroom Soup

Oh my goodness, the house smells wonderful!! My husband decided to do the turkey a day early. I swear, the key to a stressless Thanksgiving is time management. Last night, I made homemade cream of mushroom soup. Half saved for my Thanksgiving green beans and half for my belly. I have always been a soup … Continue reading Healthy Thanksgiving Eats: Mushroom Soup


Healthy Thanksgiving Eats: Cranberry Edition

This year, Thanksgiving is at our house. Therefore, today was filled with trips to the grocery (yes, that's plural on purpose), some house cleaning, both accompanied by a nice playlist. (I find an Oldies Mix most productive when cleaning.) The cool thing about us hosting this family shin-dig, is that I can have a little … Continue reading Healthy Thanksgiving Eats: Cranberry Edition