Spring Cleaning: Let’s Declutter! Part One

Who doesn’t love a good spring cleaning? Yeah, I know…it’s not really ‘fun’ but don’t you feel so good after you do the work? The same goes for a decluttering of those little things poking at you in your mind. So here is a mini-plan for an inner and outer spring clean! We’re gonna hokey-pokey this list and knock it out. In all honesty, this is just to get you started. Some of these ‘cleaning projects’ may take a little more time, but starting is such a huge step! Even acknowledging them is so powerful.

INNER: Time Off Social Media

I know many of you rely on social media for your business or even just human connection right now. All I’m saying is set a timer for when you can get back on there. It’s the mindless scrolling (for me research rabbit holes) that doesn’t serve you. Try this, don’t pick up your phone until you complete a couple spring cleaning tasks. Unless, of course, it’s to hit play on a high vibin’ playlist to keep you motivated.


  • “Good Vibrations” Beach Boys or Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (you pick…or both)
  • “Keep Your Head Up” Andy Grammer
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack
  • “Shutup and Dance” Walk the Moon
  • “Footloose” Kenny Loggins
  • …you get the idea 😉

OUTER: Simplify Your Work Area

A lot of folks are working from home right now. The less clutter, the better. What do you really need on your desk? I surround myself with reminders of fun memories and bright colors, but that’s because I do mostly creative writing. That might not work for others. See how you feel when you sit down in your space. As much as I love notebooks and post-its, I put them away and get them out when I need them. They do not impede on my elbow room.


  • Use binder clips to hold any chargers you use at your desk.
  • Hide it. Put your desktop things into a box. If you have to get something out in the following few days, it has earned a spot on your desk. Otherwise, it now lives in the box.
  • Wipe it down. When was the last time you took a disinfectant wipe to your work area or your computer? They deserve to be clean, too.
  • BONUS: This one will take some time… attack your computer desktop for a declutter party. Are there duplicate files? Things your no longer need? Can you give it it’s own folder?

INNER: Let Go of Baggage

I know, this one could be really deep. Bear with me. Just as you’ve cleared your desk of unwanted clutter, it may be time to recognize the self-limiting beliefs you have for yourself that could be hindering you. Is there something you haven’t really forgiven yourself for that keeps popping up? Whatever those heavy feelings are, here are a few tips.


  • Breathe deeply. I know it is cliche but getting that oxygen to your bloodstream tells your brain to relax.
  • Acknowledgment. Hey, you have pinpointed what you need to work on. Knowing is half the battle. Be proud and grateful that there is a part of you willing to go there and do the work. High Five!
  • Learn the lesson and release it. Whatever the situation, think back, did you learn a lesson? Then it served its purpose.
  • You are not who you were.
  • Give yourself permission to start moving to the next highest emotion from what you have been holding on to.

OUTER: The Junk Drawer

Everyone has at least one junk drawer in their house. Ours is by the refrigerator. It holds batteries, matches, pen, and paper, and from there it turns into a party of random items. I’m pretty sure there are over a dozen bobby pins in there right now. This drawer will need a good cleaning before finding what you really want to live there. Here is a recipe for a homemade cleaning spray.


  • You will need 8 oz. spray bottle
  • Add 1/2 cup filtered water to 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar
  • Optional-add 5 drops of essential oil. I recommend lemon because of the extra cleaning power and smelly goodness.
  • Please Note: This cleaner isn’t recommended for surfaces with a varnish due to the high acidic factor. (i.e. hardwood, granite, marble)

Tell you what. I’m gonna go attack these tasks right now. Coming soon, part two of some spring cleaning tips. Let me know what crazy things you find in your junk drawer or if you breathe a little easier after some mind decluttering. Alright, let’s do this!

(I also have a class on Skillshare that offers a free PDF and teaches how to have a balanced and productive day. If you’re interested, just click here.)


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