The Ebbs and Flows of Learning

I’ve been on a personal journey this year to master my meditation practice and become more aware of my intuition. I’m proud of how far I’ve come. This journey has also helped me recognize the hindering traits that I have when it comes to learning. Being aware of these habits, I can catch myself before they get out of hand.

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One challenge for me is research. Actually, it’s not so much the research as the “rabbit hole” that an internet search could become. Part of my brain wants to have all the possible information. I love learning the most random fact or multiple ways to do something. There’s nothing wrong with knowing things or wanting to know more. However, if you already have something that works, this “need to know more” syndrome can be a colossal waste of time.

Tip: Timers can be your best friend. Want to research, cool. Set a timer for ten minutes and do not let yourself ignore that buzzer.

Along the same lines, I tend to sign up for multiple webinars or classes all at the same time. It’s great to yearn for knowledge, but if I’m overwhelming myself straight out of the gate, how much will I really learn?

Tip: Okay, so that online class is on sale. If you really feel that it will benefit you, buy it and bookmark the page. Create a class calendar and only let yourself take one class at a time. Most planners have note sections where you can take notes for the class in the same book as your calendar.

Don’t be judgin’!

Another thing I’ve had to be careful of is judging myself. I feel like this week has been hard for me to stick with my schedule. As I’ve taken this journey I’ve noticed I can be less judgmental in certain areas of my life, but I am still learning to apply that gentleness with everything. Our desires or passions live a life of ebbs and flows. Sometimes, this wave is controlled by outside sources preventing or encouraging the journey. Sometimes, it’s our own motivation that’s the culprit. This is natural.

Tip: You guessed it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take the hint from mood and energy levels that you might need a break. Do some self-care. This doesn’t have to mean spending money either. You could hit snooze an extra time, take the scenic route to work, find a “dad joke” to tell your co-workers (we all know how powerful laughter can be).

The path of personal development and wellness does not mean you have to be positive and motivated all the time. It means that you learn to embrace the parts you wish to change and gently transform them over time.

If you need some support in organizing your daily routine, I have a Skillshare class to help with just that. I have plans to merge my author/musician page with more personal development tips in the coming months. If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter, I’d love to be a monthly smile for you in your inbox.


2 thoughts on “The Ebbs and Flows of Learning

  1. I totally agree with the rabbit hole thing. Before I picked up penmanship, I wanted to know what the best tools to use were, what scripts looked the best, where they originated from, what inks work best on what paper…

    But my best learning came from just doing it. All that additional information did little for my practice anyway. I couldn’t even draw straight lines, and here I was thinking that ‘the best pen nib’ would make a difference.

    So yes, when it comes to learning, definitely avoid that damned rabbit hole. It serves no purpose.

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