World Kindness Day: Friday 13th

If there is anything this year has taught us, it is that kindness can mean so much in trying times. Today is a holiday reminder to continue passing our kindness around with the hope that it becomes contagious. Here are some ways you can celebrate World Kindness Day.

Be Kind to Yourself

It all has to start with how you treat yourself. If you are holding onto low vibrational feelings such as regret, anger, fear, or guilt, you are so far away from the energy of kindness and joy. Take care of your feelings and gift yourself some care first.

Family & Friends

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There is no better tradition to instill than that of kindness. Create a kindness scavenger hunt with your kids or a phone/zoom call list with folks close to your heart that you haven’t laughed with in a while.


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I understand this one is harder considering the social distancing practices we’ve been following this year. However, kindness is always possible. Consider supporting a local small owned business/restaurant. Perhaps you could help a neighbor by bringing their trash cans from the curb or go grocery shopping for someone who can’t get out as easily right now.


Show the earth some kindness by going on a hike and appreciating the beautiful change in seasons. Be conscious of the energy you are using by turning off lights when not in use or reusing products you might otherwise throw away.

One More Thing

Last, I want to mention how the simple act of wearing a mask can be kind. Many people have to go out who may be high risk and someone coming toward them with no mask could cause a lot of worry. Although today is World Kindness Day, I hope we can all live each day with an abundance of kindness for ourselves and others.

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