Full Moon Gratitude Prayers

Tomorrow’s full moon in Cancer falls on the anniversary of my mother’s death. This will be thirty-three years she has been gone. It is strange living longer than she did. Most times, I’m not necessarily sad, but then it will hit me at moments of importance in my life.

This year I am approaching it a little differently. I know emotions can sometimes run high at full moons, especially when in signs like Cancer, which is known for sensitivity. However, Cancer is also intuitive, resilient, and creative. With the moon in her home sign, we may get extra feels this time around, but I’m going to use that extra pull to my advantage.

photo by Marty McGuire on Unsplash …yes, I know it’s not exactly full but it’s a pretty photo. 😉

In the last couple of months, I’ve started talking to Mom. I never really felt like she was still around. I felt that she had moved on to wherever she needed to go. I realize that sounds a little harsh to many. From my point of view, I was being strong, like she’d want me to be. As I’ve started these new conversations with her during my prayer and meditation times, I’ve realized how many emotions I might not have processed. Well, would you look at that? Mom is mothering me from beyond! So this full moon, I intend to offer more prayers around my full moon intentions.

photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Thank you, Mom, for who you were and the lessons you offered me even though we didn’t get to know each other here for too long. May the love we have for each other be magnified and spill onto all those we ever came in contact with. I pray that you send reminders to me to be gentle, kind, and have a sense of humor like Dad says you had during the times I may forget. And so it is.

With the moon in Cancer, it’s time to consider the fourth house. This is all about our private lives, home, and ancestry. Another reason a prayer to Mom seemed appropriate. I want to heal any ill-serving ideas I have about home or money so I can receive abundance, especially when it comes to my creative side. I want to be ready for what awaits me. The lesson 2020 gave us is to be flexible and resilient. That said, we should not step into 2021 complacent or naive that things will magically return to ways that will not move us forward, as individuals or a collective. I know many of us have become more aware this year, but this is your reminder that a garden cannot be weeded once and never tended to again.

photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

Thank you, Ancestors, for what you endured for me to find myself here and now. Any ideas instilled in me throughout the generations were the best you knew to do at that time, and many are valued and held dear. As I evaluate these beliefs, I release what does not serve me or others with love as I recognize new truths around money, social injustice, and gender roles. Amen.

My goal is, heal to receive. I have been asking for glimmers of abundance from the universe for a while, but not always with a clear vision. Clarity is a focus from now on. That said, when we feel a prayer has gone unanswered, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your timeline may not be the one in your best interest. For these times, you can always continue to repeat your prayer, or I would like to suggest this follow-up prayer.

photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Dear Angels, I am grateful for your assistance in magnifying my prayers out into the heavens. I know I have a path that allows me to shine my light, and you have my back as it unfolds before me. Be here with me as I learn to embrace the beauty of the beginning of a wonderful adventure. May it shine a light on what brings me joy and come with a consistent flow of abundance, financially and otherwise. Rock on.

Yes, ‘rock on’. Your ‘amen’ can be whatever makes you feel as though it has already happened. In conclusion, if you have a regular full moon ritual, perhaps just add some gratitude prayers this time around and see how you feel. Wishing you encouragement, healing, and love.

Bonus Note: Some of my favorite sources for astrology. IG: Carrie Stiers YouTube: Elevation 44 . Also, if you’d like to keep up with all of my creative endeavors (books, music, etc) please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter. I also released a new single for New Year’s and I’d love for you to hear it.


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