Time to Plant

Do you feel it? Spring is starting to poke its wee head up to say hello. Wanna help it along? Today is Plant a Flower Day. I know it might feel a little soon, but it’s never too soon to start planning your garden. In no time, the windows will be open on a regular basis. Another thing to keep in mind for spring is the magic of decluttering.

For me, I am spending a little time rearranging my house plants today. Also, super exciting news, my Christmas Cactus (her name is C.C.) has started to open her blooms for the first time ever!

C.C.’s blooms. Also pictured is Jade…I know she isn’t a jade plant. đŸ˜‰

Even if you don’t plant flowers today, you can still plant your seeds of intention with tomorrow’s new moon in Pisces. The new moon is always a good reminder to count your blessings and dream about your goals. Be sure to water those intentions with plenty of gratitude.


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