Pep Talk

How people want you to view an aligned, centered, and enlightened cup of coffee.

Today I made a full pot of very strong coffee. Partially because I wanted that boost and partially because I misjudged how much was in the bag and it all dumped out into the filter. Did I mention I also spilled the milk as I poured it into my granola? It was followed by a large sigh and a couple kitchen towels sopping with milk in the sink. I’ll clean it up better later.

I read a quote recently that paraphrased says, “You’re wondering why you are so tired all the time. Could it be that you are spending your energy on things that don’t bring you joy?” Although I’m lucky to still be working on various projects that excite me, I am at a logistics phase with that and it isn’t as fun. I have also found myself in a situation where less time will go to my creative projects and more time will go toward things I ‘have’ to do. I think this is depressing me a bit and therefore draining my energy. Hell, I didn’t even care to clean up that milk spill properly. (sidenote: I know I’ll eventually be able to devote more time to things that bring me joy…it’ll just take a little more time.)

Truth is, sometimes coffee gets messy. (did you like that photo sequence metaphor? huh? huh? hee hee)

I don’t tell you this to be a downer. I mention it because today is better than yesterday, and holy gee, you should have seen me Monday. Mess. It’s so hard to see that things could even be a little better when we are neck deep in crap. Crap being the uncontrollable stuff that comes at us and the sludgie emotions we let ourselves waller in. Listen, I will be first to tell you, feel the bad stuff so you can release it and move on. I’m not one of those people who swear everything can be butterflies and rainbows if you just believe it enough. No way. We are human. Actually, as we grow in our outlook of life, we should be careful to NOT develop the belief that we are immune to the bad things. I caught myself believing that if I could find something positive in every bad thing that happens to me, I could handle anything. Well, okay, you might eventually be able to find a positive out of the bad things, but you sure as hell ain’t gonna see that in the midst of the shitstorm. Your outlook on life doesn’t effect that fact that sometimes, life just happens. Go a little easier on yourself.

So, summary.

  • You will feel better in a couple days, so recognize that and give yourself a mental high five.
  • Learn to give yourself a little grace.
  • Be grateful that you bounce back from crap quicker than you did in the past.
  • Turn that extra strong coffee into iced coffee for tomorrow, and don’t cry over spilled milk.

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