New Moon in Cancer = Grumpy Butt

Well, hello New Moon in Cancer. Who else has all the feels? Ugh. Give me a glass of wine, a nap, and wake me up in two days.

Wednesday was a good day. But Tuesday, Thursday, and today, I keep finding myself moody, angry, & irritable. Almost even resentful towards myself and others. I’m really trying to shift…and fast!

I sent myself to bed before my honey and made this little crystal grid to set some intentions toward my sleep time and dreams. I’ve been wanting to add some night time journal prompts to my routine this month, but lately, every time I think of writing I get grumpy 🤷‍♀️ So, here’s to “waking up in the right side of the bed” tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I’d share my crystal grid with you.

Amethyst – to bring calm and intuition – maybe it’ll give a clue as to why I’m so moody

Two Rose Quartz – duh, someone needs to amp up that self love vibe.

Two Blue Lace Agate – this is intended to be a calming stone, but I also associate it with healing and angels, specifically Mother Mary.

Blue Kyanite – doesn’t hold negative energies and helps with mental awareness. This is sort of my fuse for this anger diffusing grid.

Smoky Quartz – hello, detoxifying magic! Plus it helps in moving forward. If you don’t have this one, get it. I want another.

Aquamarine – the courage stone. Also aides in not being so flippin’ judgy!

Agape Tear – not sure why. But my gut said to add it. This one is good for grieving and letting go.

I know today is the new moon and “release” is usually saved for full moons. But I feel a strong energy of transition lately. Maybe that’s why it spoke to me. Hey, that alone could be why I’m moody. Just because change is always happening, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe these shifts really need to move and it’s the lack of movement that are grating me.

One thing is for sure. Sleep will help. Here’s to sweet dreams.


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