“By being yourself, you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before.”

~Edwin Elliot

Hello. My name is Annette.

My life has always been deeply rooted in creative endeavors. As a child, my family would travel and sing at churches throughout the midwest. I grew to love writing and theater as well and earned a degree in music and theater at Otterbein in Westerville, OH.

I soon escaped my home state, as many believe they have to do at some point and moved to Nashville, TN. It was the closest big city with a serious music scene, and that’s as far as my money could get me. After seven years and a lifetime of lessons, I felt the pull to return to the north. I landed just outside Philadelphia.

“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.”

~Julia Cameron

I have known for a very long time a need to create is essential to who I am. Even if life on the road and in the bars wasn’t the easiest, I recognized that I would get really down when I couldn’t be playing out and bringing joy to others.

In the fall of 2017, I was diagnosed with a second serious vocal injury and wasn’t sure singing and songwriting would still be in my future. Desperate for an alternative creative outlet, I began writing seriously. The vocal injury turned out to be manageable, but had it not been for my fear, I would have never realized my love for writing. I published my first young adult book in March of 2020.

This prompted me to look at other aspects of my life that I hadn’t given the attention it deserved. Was there anything else that I was passionate about but kept putting off? My last year in Nashville, I developed a love of yoga and various wellness practices. It was the healthiest I’d been in my adult life and the fittest. Why hadn’t I kept it up when I moved to Philly? That’s a whole blog post in of itself (adding to the list now). The point is, I am making the choice to focus on my wellness, mentally and physically, starting now.

This is why I am committing to bringing you Harmony of a Creative Life, a blog about creating AND my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I invite you to come along with me.

To learn more about my writing and music, please visit this site.

To view my online classes available, please visit here.


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