Pep Talk

How people want you to view an aligned, centered, and enlightened cup of coffee. Today I made a full pot of very strong coffee. Partially because I wanted that boost and partially because I misjudged how much was in the bag and it all dumped out into the filter. Did I mention I also spilled … Continue reading Pep Talk

Van Gogh and the Funky Bunch

Dang, I was in a mood this morning. It was a mix of anger, frustration, sadness, and frigidness, all for no good reason. As I looked outside, there was nothing, no birds or critters, bare trees, dry, not even a breeze. I know the snow is coming. At least that will change the landscape. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Van Gogh and the Funky Bunch

I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”

I've been talking a lot this month about my 108 sun salutations yoga challenge. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super proud that I accomplished my 108, and I felt so strong after. One question I still get sometimes about yoga is, "Is yoga a religion?" The most universal answer would be, yoga is spiritual but … Continue reading I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”