Recognizing the Messages Around Us

Today in my meditation, I suddenly pictured myself lying in a field looking up at a swarm of white butterflies dancing above me. The sun was bright and warm but there was a distinct feeling of autumn. I took some more deep breaths and saw a flash of silvery, black stones in the bottom of … Continue reading Recognizing the Messages Around Us

The Ebbs and Flows of Learning

I’ve been on a personal journey this year to master my meditation practice and become more aware of my intuition. I’m proud of how far I’ve come. This journey has also helped me recognize the hindering traits that I have when it comes to learning. Being aware of these habits, I can catch myself before … Continue reading The Ebbs and Flows of Learning


My favorite holiday movie. Bing said it best, “Count your blessings”. Rather than making a list, let’s try this exercise. Please share if you’re comfortable doing so. Repeat after me. “I am so blessed that I can ______. Because of this, I am able to _________ for others. And that multiplies my blessings.”

I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”

I've been talking a lot this month about my 108 sun salutations yoga challenge. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super proud that I accomplished my 108, and I felt so strong after. One question I still get sometimes about yoga is, "Is yoga a religion?" The most universal answer would be, yoga is spiritual but … Continue reading I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”