A Rogue Bead

In 2020, I bought my first mala beads. It was made of sandalwood and turquoise. I wasn't sure at the time if I would use it with mantras, but since I was doing a 108 sun salutation challenge virtually with some friends, it seemed appropriate. As I learned more about mantras and affirmations, I did … Continue reading A Rogue Bead

Full Moon Gratitude Prayers

Tomorrow's full moon in Cancer falls on the anniversary of my mother's death. This will be thirty-three years she has been gone. It is strange living longer than she did. Most times, I'm not necessarily sad, but then it will hit me at moments of importance in my life. This year I am approaching it … Continue reading Full Moon Gratitude Prayers


My favorite holiday movie. Bing said it best, “Count your blessings”. Rather than making a list, let’s try this exercise. Please share if you’re comfortable doing so. Repeat after me. “I am so blessed that I can ______. Because of this, I am able to _________ for others. And that multiplies my blessings.”

I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”

I've been talking a lot this month about my 108 sun salutations yoga challenge. I'm not gonna lie, I'm super proud that I accomplished my 108, and I felt so strong after. One question I still get sometimes about yoga is, "Is yoga a religion?" The most universal answer would be, yoga is spiritual but … Continue reading I did it! 108 Sun Salutations and “is yoga a religion?”