A Letter to My Six Year Old Self

Hello. I love you. You’re about to experience some things that will change your life forever. First, know you’re okay. (My Sister & I) Just because you will have to go through some things alone, or be the one who is responsible, does not mean you have to do everything yourself. In fact you are … Continue reading A Letter to My Six Year Old Self



My favorite holiday movie. Bing said it best, “Count your blessings”. Rather than making a list, let’s try this exercise. Please share if you’re comfortable doing so. Repeat after me. “I am so blessed that I can ______. Because of this, I am able to _________ for others. And that multiplies my blessings.”

A True Story of Forgiveness

The headline in the Paintsville Herald for April 5, 1928, read, “Killing at White House: Jasper Lemaster Charged with Killing Alec Adams Surrenders to Officers.”   Alec Adams was my great-grandfather. There are different accounts of what happened, depending on which newspaper articles you read. Here, I will share with you the story from what I've learned … Continue reading A True Story of Forgiveness